Higher efficiency and improved management


business processes optimisation tool to streamline workflow, increase productivity and control

workflow system

Automation and digitisation of workflows and documents

Efficient handling of document and task flows

Document management

Employee support in document processing

Secure and orderly document storage systems

Business process management (bpm)

Platform giving full process control to executives

Intelligent business data management systems

We are a trusted and reliable business partner.
We have more than 20 years of experience in the market and more than 2000 implemented projects.

V-Desk integrates without limits

We can integrate V-Desk with any IT system. In recent years, we have most frequently integrated our solutions with systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, Comarch ERP XL and Optima, Oracle, TETA, Sage Symfonia, Enova, Asseco Wapro.

The scope of integration of the electronic document workflow system covers various functional areas. Depending on the company’s specifics and business processes, data integration scenarios can vary significantly.

Satisfied customers speak for themselves

Stages of System Implementation

Project Kick-off

Works begin with a dedicated Project Manager

Implementation workshops

Collaborative work on reviewing processes and customer needs, led by experienced project managers

Pre-implementation analysis

Preparation and confirmation with the customer of the system specification document

Presentation and acceptance

customised solutions in the system (programming work – system preparation on the part of the PSP)

Client-side system tests

Handing over the system instance to the customer for testing, together with a discussion of any comments arising

Training for system users

Training for system administrators and users conducted through offline or online meetings

Production start-up

Commissioning of the system after testing on a date mutually agreed with the customer

Implementation assistance

Mentoring by the project manager and Primesoft developers during the first weeks after the launch

Handover of the project

Start of work under the direction of a dedicated Project Manager on the Primesoft side

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