V-Desk debt collection

The debt collection module in the V-Desk system is a comprehensive tool supporting the handling of debt collection cases in the shortest possible time.

The application will help increase efficiency and optimise the use of resources in the area of debt collection, focusing on positive relationships with counterparties, business scaling and growth. The solution uses a set of tools and mechanisms based on a workflow engine to streamline the process.

What do debt collection departments struggle with?

Working without the support of customised tools requires a great deal of time and resources.

Automating tasks and digitalisation brings optimal processing, eliminating delays and errors. Analysing payment data and assigning the relevant statuses in one place saves time and allows you to focus on other tasks.

Traditional emailing is both time-consuming and error-prone.

The V-Desk system will allow the automation of reminder dispatches whether directly to contractors or those responsible for the task.

Based on simple tools or traditional sheets, processes lose transparency.

The system makes it possible to monitor the progress of debt collection work. The user can keep track of what actions have been taken as part of the debt collection process and the effects of these actions, enabling effective management of the debt collection process.

Collection process in V-Desk and V-Desk GA

Debt collection processes can be started straight away as a ready-made V-Desk GA application.

On the other hand, in the case of more extensive and advanced debt collection processes, a team of specialists will prepare a tailored V-Desk solution.

We will integrate V-Desk into your ERP system

The advantage of the V-Desk system is that it can be integrated with virtually any IT system. There is no company on the market that does not already use some software. The whole magic is to integrate any software used in the company with V-Desk in such a way as to improve the business processes in the organisation.

V-Desk recovery – FAQ

As part of the debt collection process, a variety of documents can be processed that are related to payments, financial obligations and communication with debtors. Here are some examples of typical documents that can be processed as part of debt collection:

  • Invoices and receipts
  • Reminders and calls for payment
  • Correspondence with debtors
  • Contracts and payment terms

Example of documents that you can generate in the system using batch data from excel, csv, xml files.

  • Pre-judicial summonses
  • Monits
  • Call for payment
  • Reminder
  • Letter of information.