What is the National e-Invoice System?

The National e-Invoice System (KSeF) enables structured invoices to be issued and made available. The integration of the V-Desk System with KSeF frees the entrepreneur from the need to technically handle invoices and prepare them in the appropriate structured format and validates the technical and business correctness of the invoices sent and received.

KSeF in V-Desk and V-Desk GA

The KSeF module is an add-on to the Invoices module and is available in both V-Desk implementation models. It can be configured in a dedicated version of the V-Desk system and can also be selected from the ready-made V-Desk GA processes.

We integrate the KSeF into the V-Desk without programming

The integration of the National e-Invoice System into V-Desk does not require the involvement of the IT department. In addition, as a provider of a business process management platform, we constantly ensure that the products we offer are adapted to market changes as well as any legislative changes.

KSeF platform – FAQ

The KSeF obligation was originally due to come into force on 1 July 2024. However, on 19 January 2024 it was postponed by a decision of the Minister of Finance. For the time being, the exact date of its introduction is unknown.

The government’s KSeF platform will be one of the ways in which we can receive a cost document from Poland. Invoices from outside Poland, and any cost documents that are not invoices (e.g. motorway tolls, parking, etc.), will continue to go to organisations outside the National e-Invoice System.

KSeF will be in force:

  • entrepreneurs registered as active VAT taxpayers
  • VAT-exempt traders
  • taxpayers identified in Poland for the special EU OSS procedure, with a Polish tax identification number NIP

The structured invoice submitted to or downloaded from KSeF must be in xml format according to the imposed xd schema.

Invoices, downloaded in a technical format, are automatically presented in a readable form in the V-Desk system. The information they contain can be transferred to field systems or be linked to contracts, for example. The visualisation can contain additional indexes from the system, such as order or correlating contract numbers.

Attachment handling is not provided for in KSeF. However, the V-Desk system meets the need and makes it possible to attach additional documents to an invoice and, as an attachment, forward them via the secure V-Room platform or by email.