rapid scanning and transmission of documents

Scan&Paste is a mobile application with an integrated ocr mechanism, applicable where there is a need to quickly and efficiently scan and send documents or images to related systems.

The service works as a free application to transfer scanned files. You scan and upload any jpeg images or multi-page pdf files, which you can use in your presentation or attach to a message. The built-in OCR scanner will recognise and transfer the text itself to the integrated V-Desk system.

In the business variant, it offers the possibility of multiple scenarios, allowing the construction of any form, or combining an image with text, completed with data.

How does the Scan&Paste application work?

Downloading the app is free and in the basic package, the service transfers scanned images, video to the clipboard where the material is available for seven days before it is deleted.

The application finds its business application in workflow systems

See how you can use the app to send attachments in MS Outlook or presentations in MS Office.

Scan&Paste – FAQ

Scan&Paste has been developed to support all languages. Text recognition using Primesoft’s OCR mechanism has the highest efficiency in Polish.

The app has a free variant that allows you to scan and store files on your clipboard for seven days and download to your systems.

The business version of the application allows integration via a REST API method with any system. It is a paid version, allowing you to build your own forms and application scenarios. It can be purchased directly via the contact form

Files are stored in the cloud for a period of seven days and then deleted. The application is based on a single-tenant infrastructure, which guarantees the security of the files.