Primesoft Sign

electronic signature

An application supporting the authorisation of any document electronically, it functions as an intermediary, facilitating the signing of documents. It is used to create any of the three types of signatures: qualified, advanced and ordinary electronic signatures directly in the V-Desk system.

Primesoft Sign – convenient to use

What do you gain by using Primesoft Sign?

mass-signing of multiple pages in one go with a certified signature

multiple signatures on one document

any file format

all types of signatures

mobile signatures

in the V-Desk system

Full digitalisation of business processes at your fingertips.
More than 200,000 satisfied V-Desk users have taken advantage of this opportunity.

Primesoft Sign – FAQ

Primesoft Sign is used to create signatures on any type of file and recognises and reads any electronic signature format. The data is recognised automatically and placed anywhere in the file structure. The date, who and what type of signature authenticated the document is visible on the document.

Primesoft Sign supports all types of formats found in business transactions: PAdED, XAdES and CAdES.

PAdES(short for PDF Advanced Electronic Signature) is a format used to sign files with the PDF extension. It does not allow changes to be made and we are able to verify it in all applications that open the pdf format. The signature is embedded in the file without breaking its structure. You will therefore not sign other types of documents with it. This reduces the risk of accidentally inserting additional characters into the file before the other person signs it, which would result in the nullity of the agreement concluded.

XAdES(short for XML Advanced Electronic Signature) is divided into several types, the files are saved in xml format, You can sign not only XML or PDF files, but also many others (e.g. DOC, JPEG, AVI or ZIP) in this universal format.

CAdESis an ambient signature.Only binary data can be signed via CAdES.

Signing documents electronically is very convenient. Primesoft Sign meets the need for efficient and convenient approval of binding documents. The application is particularly useful when the document to be processed in any process needs to be certified with an electronic signature. In this case, everything takes place in the V-Desk system, where the signature is placed. The user does not need to run another application; the system detects and electronically signs the document for him.

Primesoft Sign is a programme for activating electronic signatures held by document validators. It therefore fulfils the role of an intermediary service to supply any document with a signature. The weight of the signature is related to the type of signature held.