Online business trips management system

The business trips module of the V-Desk system handles all business trips request processes and their settlement in one place. Requests instantly go to approval and you receive immediate status notifications. All collected data and information is stored and available in the secure cloud. Speed up your work and free up your company’s resources through electronic business trips management.

Are you familiar with these problems of accounting for business trips?

The V-Desk system allows all business trips to be automatically accounted for, even those abroad where exchange rates must be taken into account.

The V-Desk system does not need an ounce of paper. All the necessary forms are digital. Anyone can fill them in and verify them from their own desk.

The V-Desk system can be configured to make planning a business trip as enjoyable as planning a holiday.

Business trips in the V-Desk and V-Desk GA

The business trips module is available in both V-Desk deployment models. It can be configured in the dedicated version of the V-Desk system and can be selected from the ready-made V-Desk GA processes.

We will integrate the V-Desk into your systems

The advantage of the V-Desk system is that it can be integrated with virtually any IT system. There is no company on the market that does not already use some software. The whole magic is to integrate any software used in the company with V-Desk in such a way as to improve the business processes in the organisation.

Business trips module in V-Desk – FAQ

Yes. V-Desk has the ability to report and account for both domestic and international business trips.

Yes. V-Desk automatically enters the current per diem rates for settlement. In the case of foreign missions, the domestic and foreign parts are settled in accordance with the applicable law.

Yes. V-Desk has the ability to adjust the value of the diet according to the number of meals.

Yes. V-Desk is equipped with a tool for converting ‘mileage’ amounts.

Yes. V-Desk does not block the registration of business trips retroactively.

Yes. The English version is available to run out of the box and can be switched on by the customer themselves.