ISO documentation management

The V-Desk system module will make it possible to manage documentation, supervise audits and training as part of the ISO system in any company that can boast a certificate. It serves above all to correctly organise the storage of documents, while at the same time increasing work efficiency. By introducing the tool, the organisation ensures high efficiency in complying with the requirements imposed by the standard.

ISO – how to conduct and supervise document management well?

The ISO management system presents organisations with a number of challenges in producing, distributing and maintaining large volumes of documents. First and foremost, they must resolve the following issues:

The V-Desk allows all articles and procedures to be collected in one secure location. This makes it easier for staff to search for the relevant information, giving real time savings compared to the traditional form.

Distributing an electronic document reduces the need for printing. Compared to paper versions, the distribution of an electronic document in the system is more efficient. The module shows who has read the document and when. An additional advantage is the ability to manage access and define authorisations.

All operations and records on documents undergoing revision and review can be archived as versioned files. This allows access to always up-to-date and complete information without the risk of overwriting documents.

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