secure space for sharing and collaborating on documents

V-Room provides a virtual space for collaboration, electronic signing and secure, controlled access to documents.

V-Room in combination with V-Desk (or, via an open API, with other systems as well) transmits electronic documents directly from the V-Desk user to people outside the organisation, without the need to set up accounts or purchase additional licences.

What do you gain by choosing a V-Room solution?

Secure document sharing

Creating space to work on documents simultaneously

Affixing electronic signatures

Access for users within one organisation or external users

No need to create an account to work on a document

Documents can be downloaded locally and edited without a Microsoft365 licence

Versioning of documents

OCR by Primesoft – intelligent reading of data layers from documents

Cloud solution – access from anywhere

Operation via web browser

Open API for integration into various systems

Multilingual and responsive interface

How do I use V-Room?

Full digitalisation of business processes at your fingertips.
More than 200,000 satisfied V-Desk users have taken advantage of this opportunity.

V-Room – FAQ

The need to work remotely has brought with it the need to create secure places for remote document exchange and management. The Virtual Data Rooms systems available on the market are solutions for secure collaboration, transfer and storage of confidential corporate documents. An important advantage is that they can be used both internally within companies and between users who do not use the same systems.

V-Room has no industry-related restrictions. However, the platform is most often used by brokerages, pharmaceutical companies, financial institutions, banks, IT companies, commercial real estate and organisations in the energy sector.

No. V-Room can also be linked to other electronic workflow systems via an open API.