Procurement and requests

It comprehensively oversees the processes involved in identifying a company’s needs, and allows the order process to be carried out efficiently, including the decreeing of requests.

Linking in a single system with other processes in the purchasing area improves the management and control of budget plans across the company and individual units.

A workflow system for corporate procurement – what can you gain?

Electronically processed orders save paper and staff time. Requests are recorded directly into the system, which keeps an eye on deadlines, escalating task notifications as necessary.

The module makes it possible to register offers from contractors, trade enquiries or remember previous cooperation history. It is a useful tool for selecting the most advantageous offer or verifying contractors.

The digital order process facilitates strategic purchasing decisions by providing insight into the entire order history along with the dependent processes (purchases, orders, invoices). Easily accessible order data allows you to track trends, analyse performance and keep an eye on budgets.

Order module integrations

It is inherent in the nature of the areas dealing with order fulfilment that it is dependent on other areas of the company, such as purchasing, budgeting or accounting. The V-Desk module gives the possibility to realise all of them taking into account their dependence. Together, they are part of the company’s ecosystem, increasing the efficiency of the organisation.

The V-Desk system has unlimited integration possibilities. In the area of orders, data synchronisation with any ERP systems can be carried out.

V-Desk and V-Desk GA – procurement module in two different implementation models.

In every organisation, order processing and purchase execution are carried out according to established or developed procedures. Where these are very specific or complex, we meet such needs. We will then analyse and prepare a specification for such a procurement module implementation project.

We also have ready-made processes that can be installed without the analysis stage. Our experts will help you tailor a solution to your needs.

Example of order processing