Managing company finances with an electronic budget in V-Desk

The financial management support application allows the strategic management of company costs in an automated manner. It serves as a convenient and flexible investment planning tool. It provides knowledge and information for decision-making, supporting the controlling of company finances.

Are you familiar with these budget management issues?

This module is the most up-to-date source of information about the company’s finances at operational level, based on the invoices recorded or the demands and orders created in the system.

The module gives an up-to-date overview of the performance of a given project/investment/contract, whether in terms of its profitability, cash-flow generation or comparison of plans with current and final spending.

Based on historical financial data, the application enables you to better plan your operations. It assists in making strategic decisions regarding investments, expansion or restructuring.

Budget management in V-Desk and V-Desk GA

The Budgets module is available in both V-Desk implementation models. It can be configured in a dedicated version of the V-Desk system and can also be selected from the ready-made V-Desk GA processes.

We will integrate the V-Desk into your systems

The advantage of the V-Desk system is that it can be integrated with virtually any IT system. There is no company on the market that does not already use some software. The whole magic is to integrate any software used in the company with V-Desk in such a way as to improve the business processes in the organisation.

In addition to communication with external field systems, the module also integrates with other workflow system modules. Automatic updating of data makes it possible to keep track of the results of a given investment or project, both from the point of view of its profitability and performance against assumptions or cash flow generation.

Budget management in the V-Desk FAQ

The system enables real-time tracking of expenditure. This enables managers to monitor, control and analyse how the company is spending its funds. This makes it possible to identify areas for real savings and optimise spending.

Traditional budgeting methods can be complex and time-consuming. Electronic budgeting systems simplify the process by automating many tasks, such as collecting data, generating reports and assigning budgets to different areas of the business. As a result, the time and effort required to prepare a budget is significantly reduced.