Circulation of correspondence within the company

V-Desk is the ideal tool for streamlining your organisation’s correspondence workflow. All documents coming into and going out of the company are in one system, in which you can freely design the document flow. The entire system can additionally be integrated with the national e-Correspondence platform.

Mail flow modules
in the V-Desk and V-Desk GA


Electronic correspondence workflow is a set of tools for automatic registration and archiving of documents arriving at and leaving the company.

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The e-Delivery platform mediates the transmission of registered correspondence. Documents sent in this way are equivalent to a letter sent by recorded delivery.

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Digitising your business processes has never been easier.
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How do the V-Desk solutions streamline the correspondence workflow processes?

In the V-Desk system, the registered document goes to the employee’s virtual desk and is transmitted electronically.

Single source of storage for incoming and outgoing documents.

Combining the e-Delivery platform with the V-Desk system will move the vast majority of activities to the cloud.

Correspondence circulation – FAQ

The circulation of correspondence is the path from the moment a letter is received by an institution until the matter is dealt with and a response is sent.

Yes. All these concepts relate to the circulation of correspondence within the organisation.

A filing manual is a set of rules and regulations that sets out how to deal with a document that comes into an office or business unit.

The office system is a set of organised and interrelated elements of organisation (receipt and editing of documents, the way they are registered, circulation and arrangement of files arising in the course of the organisation’s day-to-day activities) affecting the form of files. Nowadays, different variants of the material office system – the system of case files based on the uniform material list of files – are used in Poland. For more information, see our blog post >>.

It is the electronic equivalent of a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt. With this service, public entities, citizens and companies can benefit from convenient and secure electronic delivery. They are legally equivalent to traditional registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt.