electronic workflow

V-Desk is an electronic document workflow solution that innovatively introduces the digitalisation of documents and business processes in your company. The system allows you to effectively manage documents and comprehensively automate all your company’s business processes.

The EOD V-Desk system is accessible via a web browser, can be in the cloud or installed on the client’s server. Increase employee efficiency and company profitability by implementing a digital workflow.

What processes does V-Desk support?

Electronic invoice workflow

Processing of invoices into electronic versions thanks to the OCR system and comprehensive management of their circulation within the company.

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Human resources

Time management, reporting of absences or business trips and comprehensive handling of HR processes.

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Purchasing process

Electronic handling of the purchasing process, from the request to its multi-step decreeing to the approval and attachment of the purchase invoice.

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Budget and financial management

Effective management of the budgeting of investments, projects and their individual components allows costs to be recorded effectively.

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Business data analysis

Analyse business data from anywhere with the Power BI (Business Intelligence) application fully integrated into the V-Desk solution.

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Customer relations management

Planning and leading the customer service and sales process to maintain continuity and efficiency of the company’s sales activities.

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V-Desk integrations with other systems

V-Desk can be integrated into any IT system. The scope of integration of the electronic document workflow system covers various functional areas. Depending on the company’s specifics and business processes, the data integration scenarios can vary significantly.

In recent years, we have most often integrated our solutions with systems such as SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, IFS, Comarch ERP XL and Optima, Oracle, TETA, Sage Symfonia, Enova, Asseco Wapro.

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Which documents are most commonly processed electronically?

V-Desk – FAQ

The EOD (Electronic Document Ordinance) system supports the digital workflow process and the tracking of work progress, the assignment of tasks to specific people and the automation of the flow at various stages. It also allows the use of tools such as document templates, deadline reminders and automatic report generation. It can include the digitisation of accounting, warehouse or HR workflows. It is also often used in other departments. It is important that your programme is also available in English or German, depending on the language or another language, especially if you have foreign branches.

Pricing of the installation is always done individually for each customer. To begin with, it is necessary to determine in detail the company’s needs in terms of workflow processes and workflow. Therefore, we usually perform a comprehensive pre-implementation analysis at the outset. This enables us to gain a thorough understanding of the organisation’s problems and needs and to tailor appropriate solutions. The cost also depends on the need to integrate the V-Desk programme with other IT systems in the company. The purchase of the necessary hardware to maintain the infrastructure will also be important in the implementation process. Of course, this element does not apply to cloud installations. If you would like a price quote, please contact us today.

Although the very process of implementing an EOD system in a company may seem complicated and lengthy, in essence it has certain principles. To begin with, objectives, expectations and needs must be precisely defined. Then choose the right software to fully implement them. Integrate the company’s digital workflow with other systems, train your employees and then develop documentation and procedures. Test and put the system into production. This will give you another business advantage over your competitors and speed up your company’s workflow.

In different commercial companies (from different industries), the electronic warehouse workflow may look different. Most often, process optimisation concerns the digitalisation of invoices. In many companies, it is also necessary to extend the digitisation process to such documents as e.g. requisitions, internal and external orders and documents such as WZ/PZ, PW/ZW or invoice corrections and warehouse transfers. As a result, the warehouse document workflow process usually starts or ends with the warehouse employees and goes through various levels of approval.

Yes. The V-Desk system can be used without any problems in budgetary Local Government Units (JST) and, for example, in commune or city offices or provincial and marshal offices. It is ideal for the entire public administration in its broadest sense. All thanks to numerous solutions that have been developed over the years on the basis of the experience of offices and companies from various sectors.

Yes. The V-Desk has an English-language version of the interface. The English language version is available off-the-shelf and can be selected by the user himself.

Yes. The V-Desk system interface also has a German-language version. The German language version is in the panel by default and can simply be selected in the settings.

The V-Desk system has built-in mechanisms that allow it to be translated into virtually any language. In addition to English and German, the panel is also available in several other popular languages such as Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian and Lithuanian. Depending on the customer’s needs, we can also create further language variants.

Efficient electronic document management (EZD) programmes, also known as DMS systems in English, can be used in virtually any company. Much depends, not even so much on the branch as on the size of the company and the number of documents to be processed. The industries which most frequently use EZD programmes in their work include trade companies, manufacturing companies and accounting offices. Other branches, which often decide to implement the system, are law firms and companies specialising in personnel and payroll matters. Therefore, the EZD system can be used in virtually any business that processes many documents. This type of system is often used by the public sector, i.e. central administration, local government units (JST) and municipal institutions and enterprises.

For more than 20 years, Primesoft has been committed to the continuous development of V-Desk software and other solutions that work with it. We develop them both in terms of the use of the latest technologies and in terms of functionality and ergonomics of use. We can confidently say that for development is an immanent feature of our software. Therefore, each of our customers can be sure that we will not only support the maintenance of our system, but will also take the utmost care of its development and innovation. If necessary, we also adapt our software to changes in national legislation.