what is electronic delivery?

E-Delivery works on the principle of a virtual inbox and, under the law, documents sent in this way are equivalent to a letter sent against a receipt order. E-Delivery improves communication between entities and state administration, moving it into the digital reality. The integration of the V-Desk system and the e-Delivery platform in a single environment will provide a convenient and secure service at a high level.

Are you familiar with these problems of exchanging correspondence with authorities?

Traditional correspondence with the authorities can cause some complications. The V-Desk system comes to the rescue.

Combining the e-Delivery platform with the V-Desk system will move the vast majority of activities to the cloud.

With the cooperation of the V-Desk with the e-Delivery system, it is possible to fill in order forms using an electronic workflow.

The e-Delivery platform does not require any visits to the post office to send or receive a letter. Everything happens in the V-Desk system.

Do you want to know more about the implementation of the e-Delivery system in Poland?
Download the ebook “e-Doręczenia czyli nowe obowiązki przedsiębiorców” (e-Delivery or new obligations of entrepreneurs)

Use of the V-Desk in communication with the office

Timetable for the e-Guidance service

Mid 2021 – introduction of the law on deliveries

01.10.2024 – introduction of technical solutions for e-delivery; public administration, central offices start using e-delivery

01.01.2025– most companies will be required to have an address for secure communication with the authorities as part of e-Grants

01.10.2029 – all public entities, local government units as well as courts will have to conduct official correspondence via e-Delivery.

Dates applicable to traders

01.10.2024 – non-public entities entered in the KRS from 30 December 2023

01.01.2025 – non-public entities entered in the KRS before 30 December 2023

01.01.2025 – non-public entities submitting an application for entry to CEIDG after 31 December 2023

01.10.2026 – non-public entities entered in CEIDG before 31 December 2023, if they have not changed anything in CEIDG from 30 September 2025 to 30 September 2026

e-Delivery in V-Desk and V-Desk GA

The e-Delivery module is an add-on to the Correspondence module and is available in both V-Desk deployment models. It can be configured in a dedicated version of the V-Desk system and can also be selected from the ready-made V-Desk GA processes.

e-Delivery Platform – FAQ

An electronic trail of recorded correspondence will be mandatory for all businesses in the near future.

In order to use this platform, it is necessary to create a proper e-delivery address, which will be registered in the ministerial database.

It is important to be able to integrate with an existing correspondence workflow or letter register. The integration of the V-Desk system and the e-Delivery platform in a single environment ensures convenience and security of the service at a high level.

For communication between entities and individuals, the Q-Guarantee service was launched. It is used by non-public entities that have previously activated the service by setting up a special e-Guarantee box and address.