Employee Card

The Employee Card module is an essential tool for HR and HR departments. It is an digital file with all their data, which is an indispensable element of the modules: Records, Delegations and Holidays.

Employee Card in V-Desk and V-Desk GA

The Employee Card module is available in both V-Desk implementation models. It can be configured in the dedicated version of the V-Desk system and can be selected from the ready-made V-Desk GA processes.

We will integrate the V-Desk into your systems

The advantage of the V-Desk system is that it can be integrated with virtually any IT system. There is no company on the market that does not already use some software. The whole magic is to integrate any software used in the company with V-Desk in such a way as to improve the business processes in the organisation.

Employee Card – FAQ

The Employee Card module is required to support the Inventory, Delegation and Leave modules.

Employee records must be retained for the duration of the employee’s employment and also for a period of 10 years, counting from the end of the calendar year in which the employment relationship terminated or expired, unless separate regulations provide for a longer retention period for employee records.

Not yet, but this functionality is being developed. It will soon be possible to upload documents such as test results or health and safety training, for example.