OCR by Primesoft

efficient and fast reading of data

OCR by Primesoft is an extremely effective solution that avoids the manual transcription of documents, freeing employees from tedious work.

Simply scan the document and process the data using OCR software, which assigns the data to appropriately predefined metrics in the system. Automating the process of digitising paper documents significantly saves working time, giving you more of it to complete key tasks and responsibilities.

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Increased competitiveness of your company, thanks to digitalisation.

Which documents does our OCR programme read?

An OCR system can handle both paper and electronic documents and recognise text and characters from them and convert them into electronic versions. Most commonly, this type of application and converter is needed to process electronic documents in the image file formats .jpeg, .tiff and PDF





Confirmation of transfers


Registration certificates

Insurance policies

OCR by Primesoft – FAQ

OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is a technology that allows text to be read from images and converted into editable and electronic form.

Primesoft text recognition software is a paid solution. Of course, you can test it free of charge in a demo version available through our website or by arranging a free presentation with us.

OCR is a technology that, above all, saves staff time. It digitises important documents in the company so that they are not destroyed, for example by getting them wet, dirty or torn. The virtual flow of documents makes it possible to exchange them more quickly and to read the data on them more easily and correctly. Electronic documents are also more popular with companies and their contractors, where the transfer of information often takes place online. Implementing an OCR programme will increase the efficiency of the company and its employees, as well as automating the process of entering invoices into the system.

The functionality allows the content of documents registered in the system to be searched. The use of full-text search algorithms makes it possible to quickly find the information needed and to browse documents according to the attributes and keywords describing them.

The software is fully Polish, processed mainly on servers in Poland. Of course, it is in Polish by default, so it recognises Polish characters well.

The optical scanning and character and text recognition solution is available fully online in a secure cloud.