Contracts and filing of documents in the company

V-Desk is the ideal tool for streamlining contract workflow processes in your organisation. In one system, you will carry out contract processing from the preparation of the document, through acceptance and electronic approval with any type of digital signature, to its archiving in an electronic contract repository.

Modules for handling and streamlining contract workflows and archiving
in V-Desk and V-Desk GA


The electronic contract workflow allows for easy management of the contracting process. These then go into an electronic repository, which provides a central database of information.

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Debt collection

Contract recovery enables automatic monitoring of the status of payments based on signed contracts.

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Power BI

An analytical knowledge base to support strategic decision-making, both for managers and every employee.

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How do V-Desk solutions streamline contract and document filing processes?

The V-Desk is a clear assignment path that allows easy access to information on the current status of the contract.

The electronic contract repository allows for easy, fast and full-text searches for information in documents.

Alerts and notifications remind you of upcoming payments or the end of a contract term.

Contracts and archiving – FAQ

Contract circulation is the path from the moment a contract is processed to the moment it is archived in the contract repository.

A contract repository is a place for the orderly storage of contracts, all of which are intended to be shared. The term repository refers primarily to a place of storage, not sharing.

The obligation to keep a register of contracts concluded by units of the public finance sector covers all units constituting the public sector, in accordance with the provisions of the Public Finance Act.