V-Desk Intranet

The V-Desk Intranet is a comprehensive tool for effective communication within the company. Based on web access, the service facilitates secure communication of current information. Through the intranet, employees can receive updates on projects, company events, policies and procedures, which promotes a better understanding of the company’s goals and strategies .

Lack of intranet causes communication difficulties

Without a single place where knowledge on various topics in the company is gathered, it can be difficult for employees to access important information.

The intranet in V-Desk, allows both individual entries and file directories containing important information to be placed. In this way, the structured information is easily accessible and retrieval is less difficult and quicker than the traditional querying and collection of files on the local disk.

Relying solely on meetings or email communication, one has to reckon with problems such as accidentally deleting an email or the difficulty of getting through to a meeting.

The intranet in the V-Desk system centralises knowledge, and any new message or change can be notified by notifications within the system as well as by e-mail.

The intranet supports all activities aimed at creating a good atmosphere in the organisation. As a tool for publishing positive news, information on successes as well as achievements, it fulfils itself perfectly.

V-Desk GA or V-Desk? Which intranet solution should I choose?

The intranet can be configured according to the requirements of the company, in which case the implementation will be preceded by a detailed needs analysis. However, the standard Intranet functionalities have been prepared on the basis of the experience and needs of many companies in the ready-to-use V-Desk GA application.

Integration of intranet with ERPs

Integrating the intranet with the ERP enables central data management, allowing the company to manage information consistently and efficiently across the organisation. This avoids problems of data duplication and inconsistency between different systems.

Intranet at the V-Desk – FAQ

An intranet is an ideal tool for any company, regardless of sector. However, it is most desirable to use the module in organisations where there is a need for effective communication, collaboration and information management within the company.

The intranet will find application, for example:

  • In corporations and businesses, where it will make it easier for employees to share information through documents, resources. It will facilitate project coordination and internal communication.
  • Educational establishments and scientific institutions.
  • Healthcare facilities, e.g. hospitals, clinics and other medical facilities.
  • In technology companies, supporting development work and IT project management by communicating between development teams and providing technical documentation.
  • Manufacturing industries will gain assistance in managing the supply chain, monitoring production or sharing instructions and procedures, as well as communication between departments.
  • Financial institutions such as banks and insurance companies.

An intranet, functioning as a place for knowledge transfer between employees, can include the organisational structure. Presenting the organisational structure on the intranet helps employees understand how the company works, increases transparency within the organisation, which builds trust. Updating the structure online is quick and easy.