BMW Dynamic Motors

Implementation objective: standardisation and automation of processes while eliminating paper circulation

Solution: electronic workflow system V-Desk for processing invoices with integration into the accounting system, incoming and outgoing correspondence, processing of credit limits, orders, new supplier forms.

BMW Dynamic Motors stands for premium luxury vehicle brands. From the dealership’s extensive range of products, discerning customers can choose from new or used BMW cars and motorcycles to highly specialised, quality-assured service and a newly opened paint centre.

The company has grown successively over the last years, opening new locations. Currently there are 4 showrooms in 2 provinces, Mazowieckie and Pomorskie.The whole Dynamic Motors team makes every effort to meet the highest standards of service quality and to make sure that every customer is very satisfied with their visit to the showroom. The team’s work philosophy assumes that every visitor is a Guest at Dynamic Motors.

The high bar set is constantly raising working standards, including reaching for new solutions, also in the field of digital technology. Together with Primesoft Polska, BMW Dynamic Motors has therefore set out the areas from which the company’s digitalisation has begun, with the aim of optimising and increasing service efficiency.

“Our cooperation with Primesoft Polska, which started in 2021, involved the introduction of solutions aimed at full digitalisation in the field of business process management.”

President of the Management Board

Grażyna Jaworska

Challenge, analysis and action taken

Areas were identified that involved repetitive manual tasks, required very good work organisation and were costly due to their time-consuming nature, in addition to the need to generate paper printouts.

The challenge we faced was to introduce automation of selected processes, improve the flow of documents and information between distributed locations, eliminating or significantly reducing paper circulation. The realisation of these objectives could be met by using electronic document circulation for several processes.

Solutions introduced

We therefore took steps towards implementing a dedicated solution. As a result, a V-Desk platform was configured and implemented in the company, supporting several processes. Digital workflows were introduced for the following areas:

  • invoice workflow with integration into accounting system
  • circulation of correspondence
  • credit limit processes
  • procurement process
  • new supplier forms

All system modules are integrated with ERP field systems and support workflow processes, as well as having an electronic document archive.

Invoices and orders

Approximately 1,000 invoices are processed monthly in the organisation. In the V-Desk system, documents follow a path from registration, description and posting through to their acceptance in accordance with the authority hierarchy assigned and established during the analysis. Integration with the Optima system enables already processed documents to be passed on to payments in the financial and accounting system. Everything is done in an automated manner, minimising the human factor.

The system also enables comprehensive order processing, which, in conjunction with invoices, gives full control over expenditure. Orders processed in the system are verified and accepted on an ongoing basis, and the included order value can be checked against the invoice. The system’s functionalities make it possible to recalculate and keep track of order and invoice values, and when an invoice is not fully processed, the employee receives an appropriate message.

In addition, the system has extensive search options, allowing the necessary information to be retrieved efficiently, e.g. searching for invoices in connection with an order.


Incoming correspondence is handled electronically in the system. The system ensures control of the proper circulation of incoming documents and also handles outgoing correspondence.

Supplier forms

It is part of the company’s business to work with a number of contractors. In the V-Desk system, the forms of a new supplier are processed more efficiently and quickly,allowing a decision to be made on further cooperation with a given contractor. At one of the necessary stages of the process, integration with the government register of active VAT payers is used. This allows verification of the entity in the list and is carried out automatically, optimising the workflow.

Document storage means properly organised and carried out archiving. We have therefore introduced solutions to archive digital documents in appropriate repositories accessible from all locations.

“The V-Desk system is a flexible and functionally rich solution. Its implementation has given the company many benefits.”

Chief Financial Officer

Agnieszka Pawłowska

Benefits of implemented solutions

The implementation of an electronic document workflow has brought optimisation and increased process efficiency. The noticeable benefits are primarily:

  • efficient flow of information,
  • documents are accepted on time, without unnecessary downtime,
  • process transparency means greater control of processes and rapid verification of who is responsible for a task in a process,
  • to remove the constraints imposed by the use of paper in circulation,
  • creation of digital archives,
  • accessibility to decision-makers’ information – creation and generation of reports.