How do I obtain an electronic signature?

An electronic signature is an integral part of a company’s digital workflow. With its help, the user can confirm important documents and also send them electronically to other parties. How do you obtain an electronic signature with V-Desk or V-Room? Find out the details!

What does an electronic signature look like? What are its characteristics?

An electronic signature is the digital equivalent of a classic signature, affixed to a paper document. It is used to confirm the identity of the person signing the documents and is generated using dedicated cryptographic algorithms, thus maintaining authenticity and integrity.

Qualified and non-qualified electronic signature – differences

There are two types of electronic signatures – qualified (secure) and non-qualified (ordinary).

A non-qualified electronic signature does not require personal identity verification, which means that it requires a corresponding verification link or scans of documents that prove the person’s identity and organisation membership if an extended version is needed. The certificate does not need to be stored in a secure device, has no legal effect and does not automatically verify itself in document-reading programmes.

A qualified electronic signature , on the other hand, requires personal identity verification at selected points or by means of a notarised proof of identity. This type of certificate must be stored in a secure device, protecting access with a PIN code. It is not possible to export the certificate outside this device. The signature produces legal effects and is equivalent to the traditional form on paper documents. The qualified e-signature verifies itself automatically in document-reading programmes.

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Secure digital signature from Primesoft

The Primesoft Sign application allows a qualified electronic signature to be obtained for use in the V-Desk environment. The user, as part of the acceptance and authorisation, can e-sign on electronic documents in the V-Desk system, without having to start a paper workflow.

Installed on the operating system, the application launches the programme that handles the e-signature, making the whole process a one-button operation. Unlike many platforms that offer e-signatures, Primesoft Sign does not force the user to download documents and run additional applications. The e-signature is applied directly in the V-Desk system or in the V-Room application.

What can the Primesoft Sign electronic signature be used for?

The Primesoft Sign application allows the user to provide an electronic signature on documents registered in the V-Desk or V-Room system, such as contracts or statements or others, from anywhere in the world.

The V-Desk system has many different modules that streamline business processes. In some of these, Primesoft Sign is a so-called gamechanger. The ability to use an electronic signature for the circulation of invoices or the circulation of contracts definitely speeds up the flow of documents within an organisation.

The use of Primesoft Sign e-signature in a company, allows important documents to be sent electronically, without the need to print paper copies and apply a traditional signature to them.

V-Room + Primesoft Sign = saving time and confusion

One of the tools we offer is V-Room. It provides a secure space for sharing and collaborating on documents. Security is ensured by a system of access for specifically designated people and the ability to track changes to a document with the indication of the person making the change.

This tool streamlines contract processing, whether we are dealing with activities between departments within an organisation or working with an external contractor.

The final step in the contract process is, of course, the signature. With Primesoft Sign, we can do this online and so we do not have to waste paper and time printing. We are able to do everything inside the V-Desk system.

Integrated electronic signatures mean paperless document authorisation and acceptance. Find out now what Primesoft Sign can offer your company.