Dig. IT Digitisation grants for SMEs

“Dig. IT. Digital transformation of Polish SMEs.” is a new grant project offered by the Industrial Development Agency SA for small and medium-sized enterprises.
Support for development on the path of digitisation will be possible from the European Funds for Modern Economy programme for 2021-20217

Who will be able to benefit from Dig.IT ?

  • The project is aimed at Polish entrepreneurs from industry, manufacturing and services to industry.
  • Opportunities exist for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises that want to raise their level of digital maturity through a successful digital transformation process.

Minimum grant value:

EUR 40,000

Maximum grant value:

EUR 200,000

Maximum level of funding:

70% of net project costs

Planned launch date:

Q2 2024

Project targeting SMEs

Areas covered:

  • Management of company resources using IT solutions
  • Process automation and business analytics
  • Digital sales and customer contact
  • Use of cloud solutions
  • Use of artificial intelligence and machine learning
  • Cyber security

What the funding relates to:

The funds will be available for the purchase of modern digital technologies (software), fixed assets (IT equipment) and staff training.

Mandatory (dominant) costs:

  • the purchase of off-the-shelf software or the purchase of contracted programming work to produce dedicated software and/or
  • cloud services such as SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, CSaaS, etc.

Optional (supplementary) costs:

  • software implementation costs
  • costs of training in the use of the implemented software
  • costs of necessary IT equipment (e.g. servers, computers, MES operator panels, etc. )

By using 70% of the funding, companies have the chance to increase their competitiveness.