Jass Board

Implementation objective: support for the digitisation of cost document (invoice) handling and processing processes:
– streamlining the invoice workflow
– conversion of the process from paper-based to digital handling
– facilitating access to processed data
– increased control over task deadlines in the process
– efficient task management

Solution: Invoice workflow module in V-Desk system, OCR by Primesoft, integration based on two-way data exchange with Comarch ERP XL

Jass Board is a rapidly growing company in the manufacturing industry. As part of the leading European Jass Group, we produce and distribute corrugated and solid board, based on recycled raw material and cellulose. The Jass Group’s Polish subsidiary, equipped with technologically advanced machinery, distributes and produces cardboard sheets of the highest quality. The Jass Group’s branches are located in Germany, Dąbrowa Górnicza and Gostyń and employ a total of 800 people.

“The transition to digital workflows and documents was a goal we were able to achieve with the professional support of Primesoft.”

Information Systems Manager

Mariusz Lisiecki

Situation analysis and main objectives of the project

The main objective of the system implementation project is to streamline the processes of cost invoice-type document circulation, including facilitating searches and enabling the management of rights to the data collected during processing. The aim of the task management module is to provide a single tool for coordinating the work of teams in individual departments and controlling the timeliness of their execution.

Solutions used

Method of registering an invoice in the system:

  • email attachment
  • disk file
  • manual registration

The system is ready for different invoice formats, depending on the source from which they are received by the company. It includes both the possibility of registering the document digitally from paper, dedicated e-mail boxes or from a designated file.

OCR by Primesoft

By capturing the process in the system, invoices can be passed on to the relevant departments and those responsible for accepting costs quickly and smoothly without unnecessary disruption. Before a decision is made to accept an invoice, it is subject to validation, verifying that the data is correct. At this stage, work with the invoice is fast and is facilitated by the OCR mechanism.

V-Desk invoice approval and decreeing process

Assigning responsibility for the further processing of a document is not always possible and here the system supports employees by generating a report/statement of such documents.

Control of the breakdown of the amount and proper description of the invoice including: demand, budget line, MPK, type of cost, location of plant to which the project relates.

“The possibilities that the system offers towards cost invoices make it possible to decide to digitally capture also the commodity documents coming into the company. This is another module for which an extension of the V-Desk system is planned.”

IT Manager

Peter Zyta

Integration with the accounting system

What is two-way communication in systems integration.

The main advantage is the fast and seamless transfer of data between systems, which relieves employees of manual repetitive work.

This is done at the stage of exporting invoices to the accounting system. As part of the integration of the systems, the contractor database is automatically downloaded into the V-Desk System. This means, saving money and not having to re-fill the database in multiple places.

Information and data on document registration in the financial and accounting system are downloaded to the workflow system. By ensuring communication, data on document/invoice import into the accounting system is automatically updated in the workflow system as well. The user receives information about the document number assigned in the ERP XL system, without having to log in.