High security standards for information management confirmed by ISO 27001 certification

We guarantee our contractors secure, standard- and regulation-compliant information management.

Obtaining ISO 27001 certification from the recognised auditor TÜV NORD GROUP operating under accreditation from the German DAkkS is a source of pride for us and a guarantee of information management security for our customers.

Certification is based on the requirements of the standards: PN-EN ISO/IEC 27001:2017

What is an ISO?

ISO is an international standardisation organisation that aims to create standards that assess management systems for compliance. As part of the audit, we demonstrated, as an organisation, the compliance of the implemented procedures and measures with ISO 27001 and thus obtained a certificate confirming it.

A key element of a standard that standardises information management systems is the reliance on risk management that considers assets and processes in the context of information processing.

Important to ensuring the security of stored data is to identify the likelihood and impact of risks, in order to take action to mitigate them.

The standard imposes requirements and recommendations for the construction of the system and the continual verification of the implemented guidelines and their effectiveness, together with the requirement to comply with them. By definition, the standard requires improvements and enhancements so that appropriate improvement actions are taken within the framework of the implemented system. By conducting a certification audit, we have demonstrated compliance with all standards.

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