V-Desk upgrade at yet another client of Primesoft Polska

Present changes in the market as well as development in IT technology forces the organizations to adapt to the new conditions mainly through reorganisation of the business processes.

Primesoft Polska considers those changes and ensures its clients receive full support and development of the V-Desk system, which in turn is being adapted to the nature and the needs of a company.

Bombardier Transportation is a worldwide organisation. The implementation of V-Desk platform has enabled the unification of the purchase process, invoice cost and integration of Baan account system of the Romanian department.

This year Bombardier Company has decided to upgrade V-Desk system. With the latest upgrade, Bombardier has received V-Desk Sign, a tool used for electronic signature in the documents generated within V-Desk system. This solution enables a full digitalization of the documents with the exclusion of their paper form.

One of the functionalities implemented in Bombardier, in order to make it easier for the client to administer the platform, is a possibility to configure the indexes on the documents as well as to assign responsibility for acceptance of the actions.

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